Best Baby Monitors for Travel

Best Baby Monitors for Travel


Many parents worry that they might not tend to their babies when away and might miss their distressed cries for a milk bottle or diaper change. True that you can’t always see your baby. For instance, if the baby’s room is separate or you are working in the kitchen, and the baby is taking a nap in the living room. This is where a parent’s best friend, the baby monitor, comes into play. Keeping a baby monitor near your baby when you are away will help alert you to any noise the baby makes. You can immediately jump into parent mode and address their cries.

A good baby monitor is very handy while traveling as well. If your baby is in the room while you’re enjoying tea on the hotel balcony or having a stroll in the garden, the baby monitor will alert you as soon as the baby makes even a peep, and you can rush to tend to their needs.  This article reviews the 5 best baby monitors for travel that make for a great partner.

The Top 5 Picks for Best Baby Monitors for Travel

Choosing the right baby monitor while traveling is essential to avoid any mishaps while on a relaxing holiday. Some of our best picks include:

5. Infant ABM100 Smart Baby Monitor

Infant ABM100 Smart Baby Monitor (ASIN - B07F3T3ZVN)

This baby monitor is on top of our list for the best travel monitors, and rightly so. It provides features such as a connectivity range of up to 1000 feet, a dual talkback feature to console your crying baby, and a 4.3″ display with 360° rotations. It also has a built-in music system with lullabies to sing your baby back to sleep. It has a modern-looking design with a dome-shaped camera and a smart screen display. It also offers crystal clear video quality to keep an eye on your baby’s tiniest movements. The infrared vision technology makes it helpful for dark rooms as well. You can also set alarms in the monitor for daily baby-related activities.


  • Offers high susceptibility for speaker and microphone
  • Falls in the moderate price range
  • Has wireless connectivity that offers assistance on the go


  • There is no downside for this product

Verdict: This monitor is your best bet for a travel-safe baby monitor, as it provides several features for a low price range.

4. Infant Optics DXR-8 Travel Video Baby Monitor

Infant Optics DXR-8 Travel Video Baby Monitor (ASIN – B00ECHYTBI)

This baby monitor rightly comes with the name Infant Optics because of the amazing optical features it provides. These specs include zooming in on the screen to interchangeable lenses and allowing you to adjust the camera’s view based on its location. Another plus is its long battery life that lasts up to 12 hours if set only on the audio setting. It can smoothly run for 8 hours on a video setting. Therefore, you can sleep peacefully without having to plug it in during the night. It has a 3.5″ color display with 360° pan rotation. It is a compact model that is also light weighted, making it a great choice while going traveling.


  • Offers high video and audio quality
  • Can transmit signals up to 700 feet of distance.
  • Provides safe wireless connectivity through 2.4GHz technology
  • Has a long battery life that lasts through the night


  • Only allows the baby screen to record video, so there is no dual camera function
  • Does not allow connectivity to your cell phones

Verdict: This monitor is great for providing a wide-angle lens to keep an eye on your baby from all sides. The long battery life and compact design also add to its suitability for traveling, making it the right choice.

3. Panasonic Long-Range Baby Monitor

Panasonic Long-Range Baby Monitor (ASIN - B07T5PYL2D)

We know and appreciate Panasonic for its reliable and high-quality products. This baby monitor is nothing less. It provides a vast audio range of 1500 feet due to its DCET technology that offers secure and interruption-free connectivity. It has an inbuilt wide-angle camera, which you do not need to tilt. It does not even require a change of lens. Other features include its dual voice connectivity and a 3.5″ LED with a crystal-clear display. The music speaker in the monitor plays white noise and lullabies to rock your baby back to sleep.


  • Is user-friendly
  • Has the highest audio range (1500 feet)as compared to any other monitor
  • Does not need connectivity
  • Comes with a battery life of 13 plus hours, with 5 hours on video display
  • Has an in-built motion sensor that detects the smallest of movements


  • Does not have a video recording feature
  • Lacks a power-saving feature to run on low power

Verdict: The Panasonic monitor is the best-built one on the market. The exceptional audio range makes it a perfect fit for traveling.

2. Miku Smart Line of Baby Monitors

Miku Smart Line of Baby Monitors (ASIN - B07N6NBRGD)

Miku’s baby monitor is an unusual monitor with a wide range of features. It offers various functions, from measuring the room’s atmospheric conditions to your baby’s sleeping patterns and even their breathing rate using sensor fusion technology. So, if you are conscious of your baby’s health and every movement, this is the one for you. It has 2 speakers that provide audio input from both sides. It also notifies you of your baby’s movements and captures and saves photos for later viewing. However, it provides no connectivity to devices like Alexa and Google Assistant. So, it might not help put on rhymes that your baby likes from the internet.


  • Has a stylish and compact design which is perfect for traveling
  • Offers a reliable connection to wireless devices


  • Has a very high price as compared to other monitors

Verdict: The Panasonic monitor provides a wide range of detailed features but lacks a few basic ones, making us a bit skeptical of the purchase, especially for a high price.

1. VAVA Baby Monitor

VAVA Baby Monitor (ASIN - B07QGJQ775)

The VAVA baby monitor is a strong contender for the best baby monitor. It is mainly due to its panoramic view that gives you a full look at the baby’s space and helps you detect any possible dangers. It provides excellent video quality during the day and at night with infrared imaging displayed on a 5″ screen. An added benefit is the autopilot mode that keeps scanning the baby’s areas. This mode alerts for harm-provoking objects when you are not around. The monitor has adjustable volume levels, which help you decide how loud the sound should be, based on distance and your baby’s cries.


  • Excellent video and audio quality for undisrupted two-way communication
  • Very easy to use
  • No matter how large the distance is, you do not lose signal
  • The panoramic view keeps the baby safe at all times


  • Even at the highest volume, the speakers are not powerful enough to wake you up at night.

Verdict: The monitor is great for long-distance video and audio transmission with a panoramic view that helps keep an eye on the baby at all times.

Frequently Asked Questions-Best Baby Monitors for Travel

1.   Why do I need a baby monitor?

People might argue that they don’t need a baby monitor if they are in the same space as their baby. However, having a baby monitor, specifically a video baby monitor, helps you keep an eye on them at all times. Suppose you are traveling or the baby is left sleeping in the room while you are downstairs having lunch. In that case, a baby monitor will alert you of his or her cries or any sudden movements that may cause potential harm. Monitors with longer audio ranges are even more preferable. You can enjoy a bit of time doing other activities while not having to worry about being away from the baby. It keeps you in touch at all times to any sounds, motions the baby makes, and the change in room temperature as well.

2.  What to look for in a travel baby monitor?

Several features are important when choosing a baby monitor:

Video quality

The monitor should have an HD display with crystal clear imaging that helps you see the baby’s positioning and potential threats. Infrared imaging to see in dark rooms at night is also a must.

Acoustic performance

Some monitors don’t have a screen to show the baby, so you have to rely on the monitor’s sounds. That is why having a monitor that provides clear and loud audio is essential.

Audio range

The distance to which the monitor picks up on signals should be at least 1000 feet to make it a suitable choice for traveling.

Music players

Inbuilt music systems are also an impressive feature as they help calm the baby down through lullabies in the time it takes you to tend to them.


If you are looking for a travel baby monitor, portability is a must-have feature. It allows you to carry the monitor with you wherever you go instead of plugging it up with a cable port. This is a vital feature if you are looking for a travel baby monitor.

3.  Is it essential to have a two-way communication feature in the travel baby monitor?

Having a baby monitor that provides visual and auditory input from the baby is a plus because it allows the baby to feel close to the parents. Suppose the parents are in another room or outside the house. In this situation, they can soothe the baby through their voice or video if the children are old.

4.  Are baby monitors safe to use?

The safety concerns parents have about baby monitors are both physical and connectivity related. For physical concerns, the wires and chords that come with the monitor may pose a risk if the monitor is close to the baby. It can cause severe damage if the chords are not of high quality and adequately-insulated. So, it is always a better option to choose portable and wireless monitors and mount them to the wall where you can receive a wide angles coverage of the baby’s room. Secondly, monitors now come with Wi-Fi, mailing accounts, and device connectivity, which can pose a cyber-risk if you don’t secure them with a safe server and password. You may disable it if it is unnecessary for you. You can also choose to secure it with a password to prevent any hacks.

5.  Does my house make a difference in the range of the baby monitor?

Different house types influence signal strength differently. If your house has thick walls, the signal will not travel too far even if the monitor’s range is high. With thinner walls, you will get a good range and audio clarity. Test out prototypes of the monitors before buying to get an idea of what works best for you.  Always choose a monitor with a longer range and good audio quality for traveling.


Baby monitors now come with a range of features, from dual communication to detecting the baby’s room temperature. We have reviewed the 5 best baby monitors for travel in the market. We have to say that the Infant ABM100 Smart Baby Monitor takes the lead with advanced features for an impressively lower price. However, based on your needs, you can decide which one works best for you. We wish you and your baby a happy and safe journey.

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