Best Car Alarm for Vandalism

Best Car Alarm for Vandalism


A car may be one of the most important assets for some people. That is why you should keep your cars secure and safe, as nowadays crime rates are at an all-time high. This means that car vandalism and car theft has been on the rise as well. In order for you to keep your car protected from this threat, you will need to take certain security measures.

The most popular and recommended measure is car alarms. Choosing from the wide array of alarms that are available in the market can become quite overwhelming. That is why we will present the best car alarms for vandalism that are out there so that you know which one to go with.

Top 3 Car Alarms

3. Viper 5906V

Viper 5906V

The Viper 5906V is considered to be one of the best car alarms that are available in the market. Viper is known to deliver excellent quality products that are built to last and this car alarm is not an exception. The extra features and quality do come with a hefty price tag as well.

This Viper 5906V has all the bells and whistles you might want in an alarm. Things ranging from advanced encryption to custom sensors and multiple kill switches are featured in this car alarm. On top of that, you have the option of connecting the alarm with the mobile phone for additional integrated security measures and ease of control.

This car alarm also features a colored OLED display so that you can easily view and control the functions from the handy remote control. This has an incredible range of one mile which is truly unmatched. This car alarm might not be everyone’s cup of tea due to its price tag, but will be a great choice for people wanting maximum security irrespective of the price.


  • This features multiple kill switches and advanced encryption
  • Compatible with mobile phones
  • Long one-mile range
  • Features a colored OLED display


  • A bit on the expensive side
  • Remote is fairly large in size

Professional Help: This car alarm from Viper has one complication. That is that the warranty becomes void if you try to install this alarm by yourself. You will need to get this car alarm installed from a certified dealer in order to keep the warranty. We recommend that you get all car alarms installed by professionals to reduce the risk of malfunction.

2. Python 5706P

Python 5706P

Python is a company that is well-reputed and they deal in mid-range alarm systems. This 5706P is one of the best from their selection of car alarms. It offers amazing features in a reasonable price tag. This car alarm features a long range of one mile which is quite impressive and noteworthy. This can easily outperform other car alarms in its price bracket.

This comes equipped with high-end features such as remote start and an LCD remote along with multiple inputs for expansions and long battery life. These features add up to make a very well equipped car alarm that will protect your personal vehicle from any type of threat and will provide you convenience along the way as well.

This 5706P comes with a few downsides, however, as this can only be installed by certified professionals in order to save the warranty, and in order to fully utilize the smartphone capabilities, you have to purchase separate modules along with the car alarm.

This system also comes at a much higher cost than other car alarms in the market, but what it doesn’t deliver on the price it delivers in security and features, making it a great pick for anyone looking to protect their car from vandalism.


  • Comes equipped with customizable sensors
  • Has an included 2-way LCD key fob
  • Features vandalism and carjack protection
  • Long battery life


  • Professional installation mandatory to protect warranty
  • Cannot be used with manual transmission vehicles
  • The smartphone app has limited capabilities

Sensors: This car alarm from the company known as Python has multiple sensors on board for maximum security and ease of use. It has built-in shock sensors to shock any potential car thief, preventing your car from being stolen. It also has multiple sensors that are customizable by you for sensitivity. This has more than just a loud siren to scare away thieves, as this is a smart system that is optimized for your car’s safety.

1. Easyguard EC003N-K

Easyguard EC003N-K

This EC003N-K car alarm from the company known as Easyguard is a fully-loaded car alarm system that not only provides the utmost security features but also provides great value and comfort as well. This offers multiple convenience features such as keyless entry, remote start, etc. to make your life a little easier.

But this car alarm offers more than just passive features. It can unlock and lock your car doors via the included key fob from one to two meters away. This Easyguard car alarm system has a wide array of security features as well, such as an audible alarm, panic mode, anti-hijacking technology, and also an included touch password entry system.

This will provide you with peace of mind that your car cannot be easily broken into. Although this provides a ton of features and usability, this lacks in some areas. First of all, some of the functions of the car alarms are not that easy to comprehend and will take some time to get used to. Other than that you would require professional help to install this as the included installation guide and user manual is difficult to understand and are not clear.


  • Elegant Body
  • Long life span
  • Dawn to Dusk feature
  • Good enough range


  • Does not work through glass
  • Might malfunction if multiple bulbs place near
  • Needs to be placed openly

Convenience Features: The Easyguard EC003N-K may have all the security features that one may need to protect their car from vandalism, but it also has multiple features to aid your convenience. This comes equipped with features such as keyless entry, remote start, and the latest RFID technology. These are industry-leading features that will make your life easier and will provide great value for money as well.


1.  Should I seek professional help for installation?

This is entirely subjective as this relies on the complexity of the installation of the car alarm and your skills and experience that you may have in this field. If you are well versed in this sort of work, then by all means try installing the car alarm system yourself as that will get you the surety you need that your alarm is properly installed.

But we recommend that you seek professional help for installation because that will minimize the chances of the alarm malfunctioning or breaking. Additionally, some alarms come with warranties that void if you try to install it yourself. Also, there is a chance of you damaging the battery of your car as well during installation.

2.  Do car alarms drain your battery?

This depends on the installation. If the installation is done correctly then the car alarm will not put a significant strain on your battery. But if the installation is prematurely done then issues may arise causing your battery to drain more quickly.

This is one of the main reasons for you to go with professional help. Some heavy-duty car alarms, however, will drain your battery if you don’t drive regularly. So, before buying a car alarm you should check the manufacturer’s details whether or not a strain is put on your car battery.

3.  Can my alarm be easily disconnected?

Whether or not your car alarm can be easily disconnected depends on two things. The first is the level of skill and expertise of the thief that is trying to steal your car, this cannot be judged beforehand and you just have to prepare for the worst possible scenario.

Secondly the features and level of security that your alarm provides is important, as this can be improved to protect your car from any vandalism. Some of these features include kill switches and advanced encryption, which may seem annoying during false alarms but may determine how easily car thieves steal your car.

4.  What to do if my car gets stolen?

The first and most natural thing you should do is contact the authorities so they can start working on finding your car. You can aid and ease the search by providing location through the installed GPS on your car. There are also some extra steps you should take care of such as insurance claims and police reports to make the process easier for anyone involved.

5.  What extra steps can I take to protect my car from vandalism?

Aside from fitting your car with the latest and greatest alarm system, you can consider additional security measures to keep your car more secure. Security measures such as a steering wheel lock and dash cams are great options if you want to add that extra layer of security. The more security measures you take, the less likely it is for your car to get stolen.


By now you know that car alarms are essential if you want to keep your car secure from vandalism. Hopefully, our list has helped you to make an informed decision about which car system is the best for your needs. All the options presented are excellent choices if your device to go for them and you will not be disappointed by any means.

But if you don’t agree with our list then we recommend that you conduct your own research as well, in order to determine the best options in the market. Just remember to take extra security measures to keep your car and livelihood safe and sound.

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