Best Doorbell Cameras Without Subscriptions


Home security is a priority of people as one can rest better, staying aware of who is at their front door at all times. Therefore, with ever-increasing crime rates, having a good doorbell camera is of the utmost importance. A video doorbell camera is a smart device that lets you know when somebody is at your door. It connects to the house’s Wi-Fi system and also your smartphone. Hence, you receive a notification when it detects motion activity.

However, one deterring factor is the cost and the monthly subscriptions that can take a toll on your expenses. In this situation, getting the best doorbell camera without a subscription sounds like the ultimate blessing. These security systems give you all the front door footage you need without costing extra. Read on as we detail some of the best ones.

Best Doorbell Cameras Without Subscriptions

With many choices available in the market, it can get complicated to determine which product will work best for you. We have narrowed down four great options for you to choose from.

4. Eufy Security Wi-Fi Doorbell Camera

Eufy Security Wi-Fi Doorbell Camera

Free of any hidden costs, this doorbell camera by Eufy will ensure you do not miss any activity on your front door. It is a product ready to safeguard your home while also being merciful on your pocket. It features a high definition of 2560 x 1920 resolution, where it also offers distortion correction to get things going smoothly along with a memory card slot for storage.

This product displays a crystal clear 2K vision and wields a 4:3 aspect ratio to lend you a bigger view all the way through. With its real-time response, you can speak to whoever is at the door, and it even lets you record and set three instant responses. This way, if someone arrives, you can opt for any of your recorded responses.


  • Professional-grade quality
  • Reliability


  • Communication delay issue

AI Technology: To make things better, this doorbell camera offers a snapshot feature notification so you can check who is there. Owing to the intricate algorithm, the camera can also smartly observe a body shape and facial patterns to ensure you only receive notifications when there is a human at the door. Additionally, it curtails excessive alarms with its AI technology. Furthermore, you can customize and select the activity area where the camera will observe any motion.

3. Remo+ RemoBell S Wi-Fi Doorbell Camera

Remo+ RemoBell S Wi-Fi Doorbell Camera

This product by Remo+ will give you constant surveillance for your main door. It can tape and store all of the motion activity for around three days and also saves it on the cloud for free. It streams all of the live videos in very high quality and covers a wide-angle of 180 degrees.

You will also be able to watch, hear, and talk to your visitor in real-time as it processes dual audio. This doorbell camera also features an infrared vision that enables you to watch over your place at night. Moreover, it is weather-resistant, and you can utilize it at any temperature between 4°F to 122°F.


  • Premium product
  • Elegant design


  • Installation takes time

Instant Alerts: One of the traits that make this product so good is giving instant alerts on your smartphone upon motion detection. You can also utilize the Remo+ application to glimpse who is there, and you can interact directly through your phone too. It is compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. At one time, five different users can use it on their phones, which work wonders for big families. It also allows you to heighten or reduce the sensitivity level of the motion sensors.

2. Yiroka Doorbell Camera

Yiroka Doorbell Camera

This doorbell camera by Yiroka is among the smallest devices in the market. It was constructed, keeping in mind the size of residential doorframes. Despite its size, it packs a punch and offers all the high-quality features. It also has a wide-angle of 160 degrees and has night vision for ultimate surveillance so you can be at ease.

Furthermore, you can listen to, watch, and speak with the visitors once you connect this device to your smartphone or computer. It is terrific if you reside with many people, as eight people can connect to it simultaneously.



  • Camera quality needs improvement

Feature Packed: This device triumphs in being highly weather-resistant, making it an excellent purchase. It is dustproof and waterproof. Thus, it will work flawlessly under any weather situations and be a very reliable choice. It also features a very long battery life as it employs a Samsung battery to ensure maximum performance. Moreover, the device features memory card support.

1. DophiGo Wi-Fi Enabled Smart Doorbell Camera

DophiGo Wi-Fi Enabled Smart Doorbell Camera

With this doorbell camera, you get an exact resolution of 960 pixels, and its 156-degree angle shows it all. It utilizes Super IR LEDs so you can observe who is at the front door even at night. It offers easy adjustments to suit your preference as you can also modify the detection of sensors from super-low to ultra-high.

Moreover, all of the tapes go on cloud storage via Wi-Fi. This device utilizes 5 watts of power, and you can use it on temperatures ranging from -13°F to 131°F. It a reliable and sturdy doorbell camera that will be with you for a good while.


  • Mounts included
  • Lightweight


  • No motion detectionperly

Smooth Setup: A highly appreciated trait of this device is its ease of set up. You can have it up and going in no time by connecting this device to your smartphone through Bluetooth. The entire procedure only takes up around ten seconds and works without any issues. Nonetheless, it comes with some Wi-Fi limitations and only works with a 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi Router. It also contains a 3000mAh battery and its compatible charger. It comes ready to go and will start monitoring your front door efficiently.

Buyer’s Guide for Doorbell Cameras Without Monthly Subscription

While zero monthly cost does sound nice, you must consider some necessary factors before opting for a product. This will help you to make the right choice and get good value for money. Here are some factors you must contemplate.

Camera Quality

Ultimately, the camera quality needs to be the top priority, and you must consider it thoroughly before choosing a doorbell camera. It is the one aspect that allows you to track if your package is here, safeguards you from burglars, and lets you conclude if you wish to open your door to a visitor.

In this regard, there are two characteristics to contemplate, like resolution and viewing angle. Nowadays, many subscription-free doorbell cameras offer high resolution. Still, if you are particular about details, you should opt for at least a full high-definition of 1080p or even close to it. It will offer a clear and sharp view, and with an excellent wide-angle, you will have a clear field of view. Therefore, a wide-angle of view of 130-170 degrees will work fine. Anything further would be superior.

Furthermore, the doorbell will notify only the movement that it catches on the camera’s field of view. Hence, a wide-angle lens comes highly suitable unless you prefer a narrow view to get a glimpse of the person at the door.

Power Source

Most doorbells cameras get their power by the prevailing doorbell wiring of your house, which is very convenient. If you prefer wired, the only thing to scan is that it performs on the adequate voltage required for the doorbell camera. The supply requirements can range from 5-24V. There is an alternative if you do not have a doorbell formerly or are facing issues with the wiring. In such cases, you can always opt for battery-powered doorbell cameras.

Motion Sensor

While it might seem like a fancy or unnecessary feature since you can fully see who is at the door, you should not overlook the motion sensor. It helps you considerably by sending push notifications to the phone, even if somebody did not ring the bell. It can quickly alert you of any silent but suspicious activity. However, to dissuade false alarms if someone is passing by, or an animal is lurking around, many sensors have a human and area detection feature to make things more detail-oriented.

Footage Access

While different doorbell cameras require a paid subscription for accessing the footage, doorbells without subscriptions also let you have easy and free access. Some devices come with memory card slots for anytime access, while others only allow video access through Wi-Fi. However, the better memory capacity you have, the longer your device records and save the videos. It is useful to maintain a record of any visitors and track activities when you are away.


For a subscription-free doorbell camera to have two-way audio is yet another blessing. The device should have the basics: good mic, speakers, stable sound connection, and volume modification. This helps make things efficient as you can interact with the person at the door from your couch.

Weather Resistance

For many, this one aspect can easily go ignored. However, you must understand that your doorbell camera has 24/7 outside exposure. Some doorbell cameras cannot deal with heavy rain and snowy conditions, so they end up freezing hence losing their quality and wasting your money. Having a doorbell camera that can withstand harsh weather conditions ensures its safety and yours by working effectively non-stop.


1.  How long do subscription-free doorbell cameras allow footage access?

Varying from model to model, these doorbell cameras generally offer footage access for thirty days as they need to keep making room for future tapings.

2.  How do video doorbells without subscriptions work?

A video doorbell connects to your Wi-Fi network and then starts to send real-time alerts on your selected device every time someone comes at your door, keeping you abreast of outside activity.

3.  How to ensure the device’s physical safety?

It is necessary to ensure your device stays protected from thieves. Mount it securely enough, so if someone tries to dislodge it, it takes some time. If robbers obtain the device, they may be able to access your security footage and even your home network.

4.  What to do if my doorbell camera is not weatherproof?

Keeping your device safe from the harsh weather is crucial. If your device lacks this feature, you can use a clear silicone or acrylic substance to enclose all the small gaps. You can also mount a rounded shield overhead of your device to keep it safe from rain and prevent heat from the sun.

5.  If my device is battery operated, how often should I recharge it?

The battery-operated doorbell cameras come with long battery life, and recharging them depends on how much activity it has captured. These devices can easily go for a few months without being charged.

6.  Why is Wi-Fi necessary for doorbell cameras?

To access the smart features on your doorbell camera, you must have a strong and stable internet connection. Otherwise, the device cannot share data and additional information with the application on your smartphone. You will not get access to live streaming or receive notification alerts when there is movement detection.

Final Words

Having a secure home system is the ultimate need to ensure your family’s safety. Doorbell cameras have amassed quite a market due to their smart technology and effective performance. Combing through endless models can get confusing; however, we are confident our list will help you find your perfect purchase. It would help you considerably if you also consider the factors affecting a well-functioning doorbell camera to ensure you buy a quality product.

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