Best Security Systems for Cars

Best Security Systems for Cars


Cars provide a world of convenience and ease, and everybody loves them. However, keeping them secure is an aspect that worries most owners. Thieves steal more than one million cars in a year, causing loss of billions. Provided how costly automobiles are and how much one depends on them in going about everyday life, putting in a security system in cars can become an incredibly cost-effective means to safeguard this investment.

If you are searching for the best security system for cars, you have come to the right place. Read on as we explain how car security systems work. Furthermore, we will bring you a list of the best products in the market. With a proper security system, keeping your car safe from theft will be a swift task.

How Does a Car Security System Work?

Car security systems, also known as car alarms, comprise many distinct parts. Modern-day car alarms encompass a computer, a receiver that answers back to your remote, a speaker, and many different sensors. A car alarm works like this: When the security system is on, and a sensor accepts a response, the alarm begins to sound. When the detectors fail to record any abnormal activity, the car alarm stays active but quiet and unnoticeable.

Car security systems respond to a variety of different security hazards that can end up in car crime. These comprise the threat of a break-in through a car door, destruction from impact, and even loud noises near the car. These systems feature sensors attached to the alarm’s computer. If a possible car thief prompts one of the sensors, the sensor transmits a signal to the computer, and the alarm initiates, staving off the theft.

Best Security Systems for Cars

With a brief look at how car security systems work, let us move on to the best products that are sure to keep you at ease by securing your car at all times. We have rounded up the five best security systems for cars for you.

4. Clifford 5906X

Clifford 5906X

Are you seeking a car security system from a reputable brand for outstanding protection? Then, Clifford 5906X might be your answer. What sets this device apart is its adaptable modules that execute better than anything does. With its remote control, you can start your engine. It also offers keyless entry so no one can force themselves into your car without getting your transmitter.

Its double zone shock sensors give off warning peeps for light shocks and disturbances to your vehicle. However, an alarm for a big siren blast activates when severe and massive impacts affect the car. It also features a top-grade OLED screen that shows warning indications about the opening of the hood, doors, or trunk of the vehicle by an intruder.


  • Advanced-grade technology
  • Sensor bypass


  • Some separate purchases are necessary

Patented Encryption: It captions patented encryption and has a refined AI integration that makes it very tough to infiltrate your vehicle. It comprises signal encryption established on software rather than the traditional coding done on hardware. You can gain access to two different cars from one remote owing to the Super Code encryption system. With this kind of encryption, car security systems procure the user’s access to data on their cars. This is impossible to obtain from conventional technology.

3. Python 5706P

Python 5706P

The Python 5706P is a high-end security system containing the Stinger DoubleGaurd shock sensor and six-tone 120dB sirens. Python has a reputation for being highly reliable and always maintaining quality. With this car security system, they have definitely taken things further.

Owing to Python SmartStart software, you can use this element of tracking the car and monitor the performance of the security system. This allows you to have better control over the entire security system. You can also remotely control this device from anywhere. Installing this system is relatively technical. Hence, you should utilize the support of professionals for it.


  • Durable
  • Premium features


  • Very pricy

Real-Time Alerts: An extraordinary characteristic of this device is the two-way LCD pager. The display is very easy to understand and work with. This aspect cautions the car owner in real-time by beeping, ringing, or vibrating if the car alarm prompts. The pager remotely transmits commands to the car like starting the engine, clearing windshields, or turning off the car alarm. It features a remote control with five control options like a lock, unlock, and some auxiliary controls. Python has a range of about a mile. That is much more than what an average car owner could need.

2. Avital 5303L

Avital 5303L

Avital is a dominant name in the world of car security systems. Many have shown appreciation for the 5303L device due to its affordability and useful features. It enables you to turn on your car from a reasonable distance, lock/unlock car doors, and deliver notifications or alerts from the car, to name a few. The Avital 5303L system with its 1500 feet range and two-way LCD remote gives the leeway of starting a car’s engine without needing a key or physical contact.

It is beneficial for modifying the temperature of the car and engine. Therefore, you can intensify the heat in cold weather and bring it down in summers.


  • Portable
  • Budget-friendly


  • Complicated installation

Shock Sensor: This car security system has a dual-zone shock sensor. Wielding beeps, it notifies the car owner about any slight disturbances, but once it infers any urgent and disruptive actions, the alarm triggers. The sensitivity of the shock sensor is adjustable so you can curtail any false alarms. However, it is still sensitive enough to warn away any misconduct. With its nuisance prevention system, the Avital 5303L comes with an anti-false alarm setup that is neighborhood-friendly. It also offers smartphone integration. Through the mobile app, you can trace your car anywhere via GPS.

1. Viper 5305V

Viper 5305V

Viper products are among the most trusted in car security systems, and the 5305V is a classic example of this. This product offers everything you need to get maximum control over your vehicle without being too hard on your wallet. This Viper security system underlines a two-way remote start incorporated with an LCD that has a quarter-mile range.

This product consists of high-grade technologies and is here to rid you of any theft worries. You can further monitor this device via smartphone, strengthening your convenience. The product also features GPS tracking.


  • Easy to operate
  • High-speed communication


  • Falls short in range

Premium Level Technology: The Viper 5305V encompasses the 514LN Neo Revenger siren system. All six sirens can produce a volume of 120dB at its maximum or a much lower chirp relying on the invasion on your vehicle. You can select the duration of the siren sounds while putting in the model to either thirty seconds or a minute. This Revenger siren comes weatherproof; therefore, it will work faultlessly no matter the weather circumstance. Another amazing technology this security system incorporates is the Failsafe Starter. This technology ensures that the module of this device features a relay that can stop your engine. Once initiated, it only disarms via the remote control you have, rendering intruders incapable of hotwiring.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1.  Will my car security system use my car’s battery and drain it?

Yes, the system uses your car battery, though the usage relies on the car systems connected to the alarm system. For example, if your security system sets off your car’s horn, lights, and other components, it could drain your battery in a matter of hours. Moreover, if your battery is not at a full charge when the alarm activates, then the battery can deplete even quicker.

2.  Is it necessary for a professional to install my car security system, or can I do it?

This all depends on what kind of product you have. If the car alarm’s directions suggest that a professional install it for you, it would be best to pursue professional installation. You do not want to attempt to install a car alarm in a way that is all wrong and unnecessarily drains your car’s battery

3.  What is a two-way remote?

Two-way remotes will not only deliver a command like locking or remote starting your vehicle, but they will also verify when that command is successful. Two-way is particularly useful when remote starting your vehicle from the convenience of your home or workplace. Imagine remote starting your vehicle from your desk and getting instant confirmation that your vehicle is warming up. Such is the power of a two-way system!

4.  How should I consider the range of my car security system?

Although some security alarm systems declare to have a range of a mile, it is very unlikely you will ever have to start your car from that far away. Therefore, rather than thinking of range in terms of distance, think of it in terms of signal strength. This implies that you can even go with a moderate range security system as long as the signal is strong and very responsive. This way, you can be certain your alarm is on, even if you walk away and turn it on from a distance.

5.  Will the car alarm go off if the battery is dead?

If your battery is dying, then your car alarm may be one of the first things to demonstrate that there is a problem. When you try to start your car with insufficient battery power, your car alarm may go off not accidentally but as a warning indication that there is something wrong with your battery.

Final Words

With all said and done, choosing the best car security system boils down to the features you seek and how well it fits your budget. A car’s security system’s main advantage is the peace of mind it offers. We are confident our list will help you find the product best tailored to your needs. A security system for cars is crucial because keeping your vehicle safe is the utmost priority of every car owner.

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