Best X570 Motherboard for Ryzen 7 3700X

Best X570 Motherboard for Ryzen 7 3700X


Even in the midst of the latest technology, everyone wants to bypass each other through the vigilant use of the latest technological tools. Are you in avid need of a motherboard with optimum speed and quality? If so, then an X570 motherboard for the AMD Ryzen 7 3700X is the right product for you.

Motherboards cannot work properly if they are not backed by powerful processors. The processors and the motherboards of your system must be compatible with each other, otherwise either your system won’t function at all, or it may not function properly as intended. In the present era of compatibility and speed, everyone wants to save his/her time by using smart tools, and for this reason, no one can spend extra time on research. To save your time and struggle, we have done the research for you.

The selection of the best motherboard for your PC is a vital task of the process. Every part of the PC is important, be that the CPU or RAM, but the motherboard is responsible for ensuring everything functions properly and can interact with the other parts as it should. Although there are many processors with powerful working capabilities are available in the market, the AMD Ryzen 7 3700X is a great option for most people. It offers fantastic performance at an excellent price point, favorably competing with many other products.

It becomes very difficult for the buyer to pick and choose among the wide variety of motherboards and processors. That is why we have prepared this list of the best quality X570 motherboards for the 3700X processor so that you could save your time and money.

The Important Factors for the Selection of Your Motherboard

There is a wide variety of companies that are offering motherboards. They even have their websites developed to attract more customers with product reviews. Product reviews are vital in the selection of motherboards, but you must not consider them beyond a certain limit. Most importantly, you must look at the prime features of the motherboards thoroughly before their selection.

For choosing the right motherboard for your processor, different dimensions like memory speed, chipset type, and memory storage capacity, etc., are important. Before going deep into the prime features of motherboards before their selection, let us have a bird’s eye view of the presently available most optimum motherboards in the market.

We have ASUS AM4 TUF Gaming X570, Gigabyte X570 AORUS Elite, MSI MPG X570 Gaming Pro, MSI MPG X570 Gaming Edge, and Gigabyte X570 Gaming X. All of these mentioned motherboards have their specialties like speed and memory storage. Therefore, for the fulfillment of your needs, you must thoroughly analyze all the features of motherboards before selecting one of them.

Standard Factors

These are the standard factors, including the size and the shape of the motherboard, the alignment of holes mounted, the arrangement of ports and all the connectors, etc. If there is a size limitation, the motherboard should be selected in accordance with the size available along with other suitable features.

Processor Supportive

Before the selection of a motherboard, it is imperative to analyze the prime features of your processor. It is better to match those motherboards which are available in high compatibility with the processors. You must analyze the main features such as the similar type of sockets and ports before the selection of the motherboard.

Ram Supportive

This is a very important factor while selecting a motherboard for your system. The motherboard you are selecting must be in support of that much RAM on which you want to work. This will rarely be an issue since most motherboards now support the latest DDR4 RAM type. Still, the speed of the RAM varies, as does the total capacity. Some motherboards have two slots while some have four.

Chipset Type Supportive

Motherboards are compatible with certain chipsets. Once you select a motherboard and chipset, you cannot change them easily. Hence, make sure to select the correct type of motherboard that is compatible with your preferred chipset. It’s imperative that you get a product well worth your money.

Operating System Compatible

Most motherboards nowadays are compatible with the latest versions of Windows. However, it’s best that you still verify whether this is the case with regards to the operating system that you would like to use. This especially applies if you’re thinking of using systems like Linux. Ensure that the motherboard will be able to run the operating system smoothly.

Our Top 5 Picks for the Best X570 Motherboard for 3700X

5. ASUS AM4 TUF Gaming X570

ASUS AM4 TUF Gaming X570

This motherboard is great in terms of quality, compatibility, and memory storage capacity. Compared to other motherboards, this motherboard built by ASUS is a high-quality option. You can overclock the memory to up to 5100 MHz, making this motherboard one of the highest-ranked ones when it comes to this feature. It is compatible with AMD 3rd Generation Ryzen processors, and you can install RAM of up to 128 GB.


  • Easy and quick installation with solid power design and amazing gaming effects
  • Built-in features like AMD Platform, perfect for gaming
  • 6-layered PCB with well-aligned power connectors for quick work


  • Too many technical points for the novice to handle and use easily

Durable and Reliable

This motherboard has the essential elements with the latest AMD platform and ready-game factors. The collaboration of ASUS with the top quality features of durable and reliable components has enhanced the functionality of this motherboard.

Rock-Solid Performance

The motherboard has optimum power delivery along with collaborative fan options to cool down the heated CPUs and is embossed with quality performance with solidification.

Power Design

This motherboard is laced with 6 layer PCB, well-aligned power connectors, and smart technology-controlled cooling features, which make this a powerful design.

Easy Installation: This motherboard is easy to set up and install. Even for beginners, the user manuals provide the proper guideline and easy configuration options. There are no complicated options and portals to handle, and you can easily install the motherboard into your PC.

4. Gigabyte X570 AORUS Elite

Gigabyte X570 AORUS Elite

Manufactured by Gigabyte, this X570 motherboard is an excellent option for the Ryzen 7 3700X. Though the compatible memory is the same as the one manufactured by ASUS, this has some other distinguishing features such as overclockable memory speed (up to 4400 MHz). This motherboard is compatible with AMD 2nd and 3rd Generation Ryzen processors.


  • Easy and complete control over the LED light by its user
  • Smart and advanced fan cooling system
  • Easy and fast access to important or heavy files


  • A bit heavier compared to others

Maximization of PC Potential

This motherboard helps in the maximization of the PC’s performance with fast, optimum, and convenient tools. It has plenty of features at an affordable price. The key files are easy and faster to access through this motherboard.

Charismatic Performance

When aligned with a suitable processor, this motherboard provides the user with charismatic performance. This product is cost-effective and highly suitable for 3rd Generation AMD Ryzen processors.

Smart Fan and Cooling Function

There are three operating modes in the motherboard that help in the minimization of noise and heat. The cool and calm fanning system ensures optimum performance and long life for the motherboard.

Light-Emitting Design: This motherboard has a unique design, with LED-emitting rays through multi ports. Through thorough RGB support and realigned RGB fusion 2.0 feature, the user of this motherboard can have complete control over the LED-emitting light rays surrounding the motherboard.

3. MSI MPG X570 Gaming Pro

MSI MPG X570 Gaming Pro

This motherboard is manufactured by MSI and is another fantastic option. It is compatible with AMD 3rd Generation Ryzen and has a memory speed of 2666 MHz. This motherboard would definitely compliment your PC. What makes it a great option is that it supports Wi-Fi connectivity, something that you don’t always find with motherboards.


  • Latest technology compatible
  • MSI app compatible for multitasking
  • Multi-ports for USB and SATA compatibility and usage
  • Easy-to-use BIOS option with easy installation


  • Some customers have complained about its cooling system

DIY Supportive

This motherboard is highly optimized and laced with smart features for easy setup and usage, allowing the user to settle it him/herself. Various smart tools like easy USB and SATA location distinguish this motherboard from other similar products.

Performance-Enhancing Apps

If you want to enhance your PC’s performance with extensive software, this is the right choice for you. Its easy-to-use BIOS option help in the installation and usage of the PC.

Control Center

Through a single centralized application feature, the user can easily take control of the numerous features on the motherboards to unearth limitless possibilities.

MSI App Player: MSI has developed this feature in collaboration with BlueStacks, which brings an extensive mobile gaming experience to your PC. Enlisted with multi-tasking and supreme graphics, mobile gaming through this motherboard provides you a splendid experience of enjoyment.

2. MSI MPG X570 Gaming Edge

MSI MPG X570 Gaming Edge

Another product from MSI, this one is remarkably similar to the previous product on this list. It is compatible with AMD 3rd Generation Ryzen processors. While the previous MSI motherboard supports Intel Wi-Fi 6, this motherboard supports Intel Wi-Fi 5. However, it has four RGB LED headers, while the other one had three.


  • Supports Intel Wi-Fi 5
  • Multi-color and multi-port availability, perfect for personal and professional use at a higher level
  • Advanced LAN capabilities for smooth functionality
  • 4 RGB LED headers


  • Mediocre Wi-Fi performance

In-Game Advantage

This motherboard is manufactured with optimum audio and advanced networking capabilities of LAN. All together, these features can turn a person’s average gaming experience into a fantastic one.

Industrial Design

The industrial design allows the user to experience a multi-color and multi-port capable motherboard with supreme technology. This unique feature attracts many users, even at the industrial level.

Best Quality Components: Placed with the best quality components and high-quality tools, this MSI-built motherboard enables the user to use this motherboard even in adverse pressure and under a lot of load.

1. Gigabyte X570 Gaming X

Gigabyte X570 Gaming X

This motherboard is manufactured by Gigabyte and has compatibility with AMD 2nd and 3rd Generation Ryzen processors. It supports an overclockable memory speed of up to 4733 MHz. When it comes to X570 motherboard options, this is one of the most affordable ones in the market.


  • An advanced and quick cooling system using the Smart Fan 5
  • Durable and advanced design compatible with AMD Ryzen 3000 series
  • Lower RDS design makes it very consistent
  • High memory speed of up to 4733Mhz
  • I/O protection armor for strong and durable use with sustenance


  • High maintenance cost
  • Difficult to manage for beginners

Compatible With the Latest CPU Designs

This is the motherboard with a 10*+2 phase PWM and lower RDS design, which is exclusively meant for the latest AMD Ryzen 3000 series CPUs. Furthermore, it provides you with optimum performance along with the safety and sensitivity to take care of other hardware components.

Pre-Installed I/O Protection Armor

This motherboard built by Gigabyte allows its user a great PC gaming experience. It houses a strong integrated base of an iron plate which is durable and easy to install too. The design of integrated I/O protection armor is smooth and very convenient when we talk about its installation.

Installed Fan 5: Are you a lover of games? Do you want to upgrade your PC to a gaming PC? If yes, this is just the right choice for you. Most of the PCs get hot when playing heavy games. All the heating and cooling power depend on your motherboard’s capabilities. This motherboard contains Smart Fan 5, which directs their fan headers and can interchange their directions to normalize your PC’s heating. Another amazing feature of Smart Fan 5 is that it supports both PWM and Voltage mode, making this motherboard more cooling-friendly.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1.   What factors should you consider when looking for an X570 motherboard for 3700X?

If you are thinking of purchasing an X570 motherboard for your 3700X processor, you must consider a few factors before doing that. When finding the right motherboard for your PC, you must look into the features like SATA support, RAM support, expansion slots, processor compatibility, chipset type, etc.

2.  What specifications of AMD CPUs must be considered when installing a motherboard?

The chipset of your motherboard is going to decide the working specifications of AMD CPUs when installing a motherboard. Simplify things for yourself and opt for a motherboard that supports the X570 chipset. We have included all options that offer this compatibility. These motherboards support 2nd and 3rd Generation AMD Ryzen processors. Hence, you can easily opt for these without worrying about compatibility.

3.  Do I have to install new software when replacing my motherboard?

If you have a digital license or a product key for Windows, you can easily reactivate your license of Windows OS. If not, then you have to purchase a new license for your Windows operating system when replacing the motherboard. This is specific to Windows users, of course. Users opting for other operating systems will have to adjust accordingly.

4.  Are X570 motherboards worth buying?

X570 motherboards are not only cost-effective but also offer a convenient size and shape. They are also usually easy to install. This motherboard is certainly worth buying, but do check the compatibility of RAM and processor with your PC before purchase.


We have opted to rank the ASUS AM4 TUF Gaming X570 as the top product in our list of the best X570 motherboards for Ryzen 3700X. After analyzing the unique features like the compatibility, the memory storage limit, and also its performance, etc., the ASUS AM4 TUF Gaming X570 motherboard comes at the top as the editor’s choice. it has an amazing memory storage capacity along with a high range of RAM.

It is highly compatible with AMD 3rd Generation Ryzen processors. Its 6-layered PCB sleek power design is surely among the unique traits that make a difference; this is a very cost-effective product when compared with other motherboards.

The memory speed is overclockable to up to 5100 MHz and is compatible with 128GB RAM. Its durable design and reliable performance are surely the prime factors that make this motherboard stand out. Furthermore, the ready-game factors and the latest AMD platform make this motherboard a perfect overall package for gaming lovers. Install it easily and enjoy a fast and snappy PC experience!

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