Breaking down the Best Motion Sensor Light Bulbs of 2022

Breaking down the Best Motion Sensor Light Bulbs of 2021


Motion sensors are one of the best inventions of modern times. To detect motion and take immediate action automatically is a great tool to have at your disposal. One such device comes in the form of motion sensor light bulbs.

Now we have all had moments where we had to switch off the lights physically and walk back to bed in pitch black, hoping that we don’t bump into anything and stub our toe in the process. Only to wake up in the middle of the night and stumble our way back to the switchboard because we need to make it to the loo.

The motion sensor light bulbs automatically light up areas when it senses some motion. Switches off once it registers that no motion is taking place in its radius. It prevents stumbling around searching for the switchboard and makes living life simply more efficient.

So, if you are looking to buy your first motion sensor light bulb, we highly recommend you go through our in-depth breakdown of some of the best motion sensor light bulbs of 2022. It will help you make the right decision at the right time resulting in a secure and peaceful living.

The 3 Best Motion Sensor Light Bulbs of 2022:

3. Sengled Smartsense Motion Sensor Light Bulbs

Sengled Smartsense Motion Sensor Light Bulbs

The Sengled Smartsense motion sensor light bulb comes with a built-in Passive Infrared Motion Sensor or PIR for short. This helps detect infrared/heatwaves with precision. As soon as something warm passes through, it automatically registers and lights up the pathway.

It also has a Sleek Duck to Dawn feature that prevents it from activating during daytime even when motion is detected and only lights up once the sun has settled. The darkness has surrounded the sensor. It makes electricity consumption highly efficient and helps save energy.

These motion sensor light bulbs are also extremely easy to install. Just make sure that the sensor is pointing downwards and that nothing is blocking the sensor. Lastly, adjust the height of the bulb as per your location to get better results.

The Sengled Smartsense light bulbs have the following pros and cons:


  • Daytime energy savings
  • Extreme Temperature resistance
  • Easy to Install


  • Cannot adjust sensitivity or range
  • Slightly bulky body

Additional Properties: The Sengled Smartsense light bulbs are compatible with any E26 sockets. This drastically increases the places of usage for these bulbs. It also has a Steller range, but you have to ensure that the sensor is exposed and pointing in the desired motion direction. It is also rated to have about 15,000 hours of runtime while only consuming about 0.2 watts of energy when on standby.

2. Yosoo Motion Sensor LED Light Bulbs

Yosoo Motion Sensor LED Light Bulbs

The Yosoo Motion Sensor LED Light Bulb comes with a 360-degree revolving motion-detecting head, with a 5 – 8m movement detecting range. 150-degree detecting range, which is very helpful to utilize and simple to use. With a 120-degree light angle, it gives an adequate brightening impact, and this is just scratching the surface.

It embraces 14pcs premium 5730 chips, which give off an extremely bring light along with a stable performance. The bulb is entirely made with Eco-friendly material making it free of toxicity, odorless, and easily biodegradable. It’s Unique circuit configuration, and low static force utilization makes Yosoo Motion Sensors a powerhouse in terms of anti-interference.


  • Easy to Install
  • 350-degree motion-detecting radius
  • Very satisfying customer care
  • Great for Security


  • Delay time 60 seconds
  • The sensor may malfunction if blocked

Additional Properties: It comes with a standard E27 socket, making it easy to install and utilize: screw and play. The Yosoo motion sensor led will help you save over 85% on the power bill, which is pretty impressive.

1. HEKEE Motion Sensor LED Light Bulb

HEKEE Motion Sensor LED Light Bulb

The HEKEE Motion sensor light bulb comes with an advanced lighting control technology. HEKEE’s brilliant sensor bulbs come with a built-in nightfall to-day break sensor. HEKEE lights will consequently get into the recognizing mode when the light is lower than 10lux (this occurs at nightfall or during evening time when haziness falls). HEKEE motion sensor will turn on when the movement is identified. The sensor will activate and send a signal to the light to switch on. Did I mention that it won’t be turned on during the daytime as the light force raises up to 10 Lux? This saves energy and expands the bulb’s life 10-fold.

HEKEE Motion sensor lights will continue to recognize human movement when in radius and won’t turn off until you have left the territory. It has a 30 seconds timer. However, it will remain constant regardless of whether 30 seconds passes if you are still inside its radius. The 30-second countdown will begin once your movement has seized. So you don’t have to stress over the IR movement sensor light will abruptly switch off when you remain in the territory.


  • Elegant Body
  • Long life span
  • Dawn to Dusk feature
  • Good enough range


  • Does not work through glass
  • Might malfunction if multiple bulbs place near
  • Needs to be placed openly

Additional Details: The discovery radius is around 9-20 feet but could vary due to where it is installed and if something is blocking its path. It is important to note that the PIR movement sensor light does not work through glass or any lampshades and should be installed downward.  

Frequently Asked Questions

1.  Can Multiple bulbs be installed alongside each other?

Yes! These bulbs work independently. Just make sure you consider the sensitivity as it cannot be altered if they are kept in close proximity, it could cause problems. The minimum distance should be about 4 feet apart.

2.  Where can I install these bulbs?

Indoors, Outdoors, you name it. Perfect for your home, corridor, porch, walkway, stairs, wardrobe, home gallery, bathroom, public pathways, basements, storage rooms, garage, etc. These will also give you security and let you know places of movement.

3.  Does climate have any effect on the motion sensors?

This inquiry’s primary response is that climate doesn’t do a great deal to influence motion sensor lights. A few sensors are delicate in colder temperatures, yet all things considered, storms will meddle with your lights than everything else. Heavy breezes or falling precipitation may move plants and yard decor around, setting off your lights. The odds of this incident are generally uncommon. You can usually alter your motion sensor’s affectability so it doesn’t go off on small moving things due to bad weather.

4.  How can I use motion sensor light bulbs to improve security?

Motion sensor lights can improve your home security by working alongside a surveillance camera. Setting up a camera to begin recording at whatever point your motion sensor lights are triggered. Lets you catch film of likely dangers on your property while advancing energy effectiveness since your camera and lights will stay lethargic until they are activated.

Motion sensor lights can likewise assist you with remaining protected as you stroll around the evening time. On the off chance that you are getting back home late or are anticipating guests, having programmed lights will light your walkways and make your excursion more secure.

5.  Do I need a switch for the motion sensor light bulbs?

Although Indoor and outdoor motion sensor lights have a manual switch that lets you turn them on and off physically. These can be genuinely advantageous for checking if a light has worn out. Now and again, a motion sensor light will seem to have worn out when, in reality, its sensor is hindered. Having a manual switch allows you to check if the light can be turned here and there physically, informing you whether your light is entirely supplanted.

6.  If I want to keep my lights off?

You’ll need to check with the producer of your Motion sensor light to affirm how to supersede the Motion sensors’ capacity of your lights if you need them to remain off for a period. For most lights, it will be as straightforward as flipping the light switch on/off.


Gone are the days when you had to run to the switchboard to turn on the lights in the wake of hearing some peculiar noise. No longer do you need to stress over the high electricity bills because someone forgot to close off the light before going to bed, and so the lights remained on for a long time. With motion sensor light bulbs, all your troubles go away, and you waltz into the golden age of technology.

The above 3 best motion sensor light bulbs depend on trendsetting innovations. For example, infrared, photograph sensor, and radar have been generally welcomed in the market and are supported by empowering audits. You are consequently guaranteed effectiveness, dependability, life span, most importantly, fulfillment, and the genuine feelings of peaceful serenity.

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