Rand McNally vs. Garmin Truck GPS

Rand McNally vs. Garmin Truck GPS


Truck GPS is an application that truck drivers use. It calculates the easiest way for them to get from their current location to their desired location. It considers the unique requirements that a heavy-duty vehicle must have. This navigation system makes use of the phone, telematic system, and other specific navigation devices to find out the truck’s current location, speed, and directions. The essence of this whole truck GPS is the database that the service provider maintains and updates. These providers constantly update their databases to track relevant information such as bridge heights, speed limits, rest stops, weight limits, construction zones, truck parking, and much more.

While truck drivers can use a cell phone to find directions while driving, it is better to use something specifically designed for their work type. The best kind of GPS is the one that allows drivers to see the route ahead of them and allows them to see roads that are inaccessible for such heavy-duty vehicles.


There are certain attributes based on which we can compare these two products.

  • Screen Size
  • Assisting Features
  • Time Tracking
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Connectivity
  • Mounting Options

Screen Size

GPS navigation systems come in different sizes. The idea size for easy readability is five inches or larger. If the screen is too small, it becomes difficult to use or see the touchscreen, whereas larger screens are good too because the truck has a much larger windshield than the passenger cars. A truck can manage an 8-inch screen size GPS easily without blocking the view of the driver.

Assisting Features

Certain value-added features make the GPS more convenient than others. Certain GPS systems direct you to the point of interest on your trips, such as rest stops, restaurants, hotels, towing, and repairing facilities. They can also help you find the closest law enforcement agencies, health care facilities, and other emergency services.

Time Tracking

There are two types of time tracking systems in GPS. One is the passive-time tracking system that collects data from a driver’s trip that you can access later. Similarly, the second one is the real-time tracking system that makes information accessible about a trucker’s trip in real-time.

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Connectivity

Some GPS providers feature Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technology that makes their system easy to use and hands-free. You can operate these types of systems with a microphone and speakers instead of hands, allowing you to focus your complete attention on the road and minimize distractions. Some also feature additional ports for smartphones, backup cameras, and other electronic devices.

Mounting Options

All GPS systems must have a mounting system so that the driver doesn’t have to hold it in their hands or put it somewhere that’s not safe. Most of the portable GPS devices come with mounting hardware that ensures the installation in a safe and easy-to-see location.

Best Truck GPS Reviews

2. Garmin Dēzl 780 Truck Navigation GPS

Rand McNally TND 740 Truck Navigation GPS

The Garmin Dēzl 780 is a multifaceted navigation GPS for truck drivers. It has the feature of voice initiation, which means that you can operate it without using your hands. This system also provides a free map and traffic update services for a lifetime. Also, it has a 7-inch premium screen for an easy view while driving, which allows the drivers to be cautious of their routes, nearby areas, unexpected bridge heights, steep inclinations, and more. It also features a pre-installed basic truck monitoring that allows fleet managers to send an instant message to their drivers. The fleet managers can send a message with the delivery address, and the driver can choose the location from the instant message and drive there effortlessly.


  • Hands-free usage and voice-activated navigation
  • The direction uses landmarks to avoid hunting for small street signs
  • Bluetooth and a built-in Wi-Fi system
  • Features dash cam with incident-recording function
  • Fleet management integration for small carriers


  • Redirects from small routes without any reason
  • The truck accessibility function is faulty

Customized Truck Routing

This device comes with pre-installed maps. It is incorporated with truck-related warnings such as sharp bends, unforeseen bridge height, steep inclinations, and more. To take advantage of this feature in high resolution, the user just needs to tap and pinch on the screen to see it on the zoom display. All the user needs to do is open the app and enter the vehicle profile data such as the height, width, length, weight, and dangerous material. The GPS automatically discovers the appropriate route according to the truck’s weight and size.

Break Planning

To improve the user experience, the Garmin Dezl 780 contains simple break-planning. It gives you timely warnings that help you take benefit of each stop on the route. The user must choose among the options the key stopovers they care about, such as restaurants, rest zones, lodging, rest areas, Wi-Fi availability, and ATMs. It also provides the additional feature of truck-parking information that allows you to find the most appropriate and accessible parking spots and other stopovers.

Built-in Wi-Fi

This navigation system has a built-in Wi-Fi system that keeps you updated. It is very easy to keep the programming and apps updated with this GPS device. Every time you have a connected Wi-Fi system and an update is available, it will automatically update itself and inform you with an on-screen notification. All the user would need to do then is refresh the information by using the on-screen Wi-Fi option. The device is all set to hit the road again because there is no additional need to connect your GPS device to a PC.

Wireless Backup Camera: The back end of the truck as it goes in is reversed by including a Garmin reinforcement camera, which is sold separately. The Dēzl 780 LMT-S truck GPS device can operate using a Garmin BC 35 remote backup camera. When they both are connected, the Dēzl transfers the footage directly displayed on the navigation display screen.

1. Rand McNally TND 740 Truck Navigation GPS

Garmin Dēzl 780 Truck Navigation GPS

Rand McNally TND 740 Truck Navigation system features a 7-inch HD screen with a vibrant display. This GPS offers free map updates and truck-related routes for a lifetime. For a superior user experience, the device has built-in sound ability and adjustable alerts. It has an additional feature of advanced road direction with lane assistance to help the truck drivers maintain a strategic distance and prevent them from taking any wrong or sudden turns. It features an advanced route direction to prepare the driver for a nearby turn and alert them before heading through a cofounded intersecting point. From a series of long testing hours and sessions, it is obvious that this GPS includes 35% more truck routine than any other available GPS device.

This Rand McNally provides better and greater assistance in creating advanced routes for truckers by utilizing their years-long experience. It is designed to be effectively used and enables the driver to choose from the multiple routes that are ideal for the trucks. The device also provides alerts for the need to refuel the tank, rest at appropriate stopovers, and maintain a safe and strategic distance from roads and danger. This makes it the easiest to use and straight forward device to be used by the truckers. It is truly proficient in what it does.


  • ELD Compatibility
  • Audio-out to truck’s speaker


  • The McNally units are not reliable

Simple Functionality

TheRand McNally TND 740 operated on the basic rule of making the device simple from the outside, despite the system’s internal complexities. The whole system operates with a single and independent touch screen without pressing the buttons and external installations.

It is an extremely portable device with a “hold and release” arrangement that makes it very simple to keep away and store when not in use. It is better than plastic braces, which do not stick and break off after some time. Truckers can easily and efficiently use it with minimal training. You can use this device for multi-purposes. However, the truly important function is navigation. It is truly important to place it in an easy-to-see position and set the route and destination in it.

The Rand McNally TND 740 is an ideal-to-use device for drivers who are not technically knowledgeable or simply do not want to operate a tricky device. It is also good for others who do not want to invest a great deal of energy in setting up or aligning new GPS systems for navigation.

Exceptional Route Planning

The truck-centric software of the device makes it worth the time and price charged. It is a great choice for those who want something with great proficiency, efficiency, and durability. The user’s external Wi-Fi access helps the driver find the nearby fuel stations, food stopovers, resting places, etc. It also let them know if someplace has parking that is feasible for their truck.

This feature helps the driver to plan their ride ahead of the time, their course, and the stops. It also guarantees that they do not have to change their plans since they know all the pre-arranged and accessible stops.

Recorded Driving Hours – E-logs

Several GPS devices offer the feature of recording driving hours. Though many smartphone applications provide the same feature, that’s why Rand McNally has ensured that it gives off something unique to the users by enabling the Rand Mcnally TND 740 to obtain information from any Rand McNally feasible ELD gadget.

This device is a must-have for users who handle it independently and want to examine and limit their experiences. It is also good for fleet managers who appreciate how their trucks are really performing. These E-logs can be saved for up to 6 months on the device and can be analyzed with the locally available metrics. This could be promptly and efficiently done by the pre-installed program and the quad-core processors. This allows even the drivers of heavy-duty vehicles to decide the ideal approach to enhance their performance and profit.

Strong Performance: The Rand McNally TND 740 is very simple to use yet offers several benefits to its user. It allows the truck drivers to improve their routes, limit their expenses, and make routes’ correct choices.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.  What are the benefits of using a truck GPS Navigation system?

The truck-specific GPS navigation system has many benefits. Some of them are:

  • Reduced accident risks
  • Ensures shorter routes
  • Improved compliance and tracking

2.  How is a truck GPS different than the ordinary ones?

A truck-specific GPS navigation system is the same as an ordinary one. It performs all that a typical GPS does and much more. It often requires you to add specs of the truck into the GPS navigation device. This information is then referenced against a database that allows it to look for routes that will be the easiest for your truck and where most of the issues can be prevented.

3.  What is the difference between passive and live GPS tracking systems?

The data collected by both kinds of GPS tracking systems are the same. However, the live GPS tracking system allows the user to view the data shortly after it is logged in, whereas the passive live tracking data can only be viewed after the truck is within range of a wireless base station.

4.  Is vehicle tracking really live?

It almost is, in some cases.


GPS is a modern technology that is in use by many. Truck GPS is the most effective and efficient tool that can be utilized by the truckers to make their route comfortable and easy. The Garmin Dēzl 780 Truck Navigation GPS is the editor’s choice due to the countless amazing features it possesses like the customized track routing, break planning, exceptional built-in Wi-Fi, and backup camera. It is an ideal device to be used by truckers, highly recommended.

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