Rundown: Best Long Range Wireless Security Camera System

Rundown: Best Long Range Wireless Security Camera System


Security is now a democratized commodity available to an ever-expansive population and has become all the more necessary. It is important to know what the silhouette, pacing outside your home in the dark, is in reality: a furry being or a potential threat. Effective security monitoring is not only important for stopping crooks in their tracks or tracing them if they have done any mischief, but also for providing the users peace of mind. This article will highlight some of the best long-range wireless security camera system options available in the market.

Our Picks for the Best Long Range Wireless Security Camera Systems

Here are three of the best long-range wireless security camera system options you should check out:

3. Google Nest Cam Outdoor

Google Nest Cam Outdoor

The Google Nest is a decent, reliable, and trustworthy product. This security camera operates over the WiFi and provides a flawless feed in all weathers. The excellent 1080p video quality, and smart recognition features which allow it to distinguish between various moving objects, make it a product worth buying. It can be set to record everything 24/7 or to spring to action whenever the built-in motion sensors pick up some activity.

The camera can integrate with a variety of devices and applications, you can easily check on the feedthrough Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, or your mobile phone (via the Nest of Google Home apps). When logging into your account for the first time, you will have to go through a two factor authentication step to safeguard your security system from hackers. 

Since it is weatherproof, the camera has a water-resistant power cord (it needs to be plugged into an AC source to work), and will withstand rain or hail. The camera’s true potential can be unleashed through a paid subscription of the “Nest Aware” feature which allows it to use person-detection, customize the activity zone, and record the feed permanently.

The person-detection feature can save up a lot of your time and let you assess the danger level if there is any. Whether it’s day or night, the 1080p video feed has flawless crystal-clear clarity, and the unit offers a 130 degrees wide display and a digital zoom feature that can magnify the image 8 times. The camera can be attached to a magnetic mount which is strong enough to hold onto it. Night vision and person recognition even in the dark are further examples of this model’s excellence.

All-Weather Outdoor WiFi Security Camera

This is among the few truly weatherproof outdoor security cameras. The camera units themselves and the accompanying power cords (around 25 feet long) are both water-resistant. Irrespective of the weather, the camera will continue to operate flawlessly and deliver a crystal clear feed. The only factor that can compromise its video quality is your WiFi connection, as long as it works flawlessly, the camera will continue to operate perfectly too.


  • All-weather security camera
  • Operates over the WiFi (wireless)
  • 1080p video feed can be set to continuous or motion-activated, night vision enabled
  • 8X zoom feature
  • Person recognition even in the dark
  • Optional paid subscription with Nest Aware to unleash more features


  • The video quality remains excellent even in bad weather
  • It has night vision capabilities and offers flawless video clarity even in the dark
  • Person recognition and other advanced features are also available
  • You can check the video feed on any number of compatible devices


  • Advanced features require a paid subscription to be accessed
  • The feed is dependent on WiFi, if it goes down, so does the security feed

Verdict: If you need a security camera that operates just as good in the dark as it does in broad daylight, withstands the vicissitudes of the outside world, and offers advanced security features, this one can do a pretty good job for you.

2. Arlo Pro 2

Arlo Pro 2

Arlo Pro 2 deserves all the appraisal and recommendation it has gathered from users as this wireless camera works perfectly to monitor any suspicious activity and notify you. The camera may be used either as a wired device (AC outlet needed) or completely wireless and works fine in either case. Its sleek design and decent looks fade when compared to its many features.

The camera instantly uploads any suspicious activity to free cloud-based storage which can store your recordings for a week without charging a single penny, although the duration can be extended with a paid subscription. This motion-activated camera comes to life whenever an activity is detected. Don’t be alarmed though, the unit can distinguish between people, pets, and other objects.

You can adjust the sensitivity according to your situation and receive notifications only when there is something to be concerned about. The camera sends all of its data to a hub unit placed inside your home with an effective range of 300 feet (pretty impressive huh?), from where the recordings are uploaded on the cloud. The hub also features a security siren which will be triggered anytime when there a threat is detected (audio or movement).

The video quality is excellent, having a decent 1080p resolution and offering a crystal clear 130-degree view. If you subscribe to the Arlo Smart plan, you can unlock several advanced features like extended cloud storage or continuous recording instead of the motion-activated operation. However, the base product is just as impressive and perfectly integrates with your smart devices, both Android and iOS driven.

Impressive Motion-activated Security Camera

The camera starts recording when it’s audio or motion sensors are triggered. The recording may last anywhere between 10 and 120 seconds, based on how you configured the system. You also have the option to “record until activity stops”, in which case, the camera will continue to record for 5 minutes, continuously and then continue after a brief reset pause if the activity does not stop.

This sensor reset is done to prevent the camera from going into a loop and to preserve battery power, it creates a split in the video for a few seconds, but that much is acceptable. The battery timing, according to the manufacturers, can fall anywhere between 4 and 6 months depending on the configuration. However, practical analysis reveals it to be around 2 months, which is pretty decent too considering that the charge time is just 90 minutes.


  • Motion and audio-activated camera
  • 1080p video quality
  • Multiple recording options
  • 300 feet transmission range (to the hub)
  • Videos uploaded instantly to a cloud storage


  • It is ideal for picking up any suspicious activity in your perimeter
  • The alert systems will inform you if the situation demands it
  • The camera feed is automatically uploaded to a cloud-based storage
  • It can be triggered by both movements or sound


  • It does not record continuously (without a paid subscription)
  • The Arlo Smart plan requires a monthly payment for advanced features

Verdict: This is an excellent security system for monitoring any suspicious activity inside your perimeter and it alerts you if something’s serious, being a true “security system” at that.

1. Swann 16 Channel Security System

Swann 16 Channel Security System

This is perhaps one of the most sophisticated security systems on the market, the Swann 16 channel security system can cover an expansive area, as much as 150 to 200 feet per unit (and there are eight cameras in total) and deliver a 360-security for your home. Words alone don’t mean anything, but the 1080p HD video feed display sells itself.

If you have an expansive area to cover, this system is ideal. The manufacturers provide all the prerequisites and accessories to help you get started, but you may still need to call in an expert to have the system installed. Once hooked up properly, the cameras will show you a live feed on a hub unit placed inside your home and on your phone via the HomeSafe View application.

The cameras can be configured to search for movements within a particular area, and you will be alerted if anything out of the ordinary happens. As for the recordings, you can keep them locally on a 3000 GB hard drive, and upload some of them to any cloud service if you think you’ll need it in the future. With this much storage space, you will not have to worry about losing your recordings.

You will never remain out of touch with whatever is happening around your home, even when you’re not there. The eight-camera system, if placed perfectly, can scan every inch of your home’s perimeter, and continue to operate continuously irrespective of weather conditions or other external vicissitudes. They are meant to keep you tuned year-long, non-stop.

Night Vision & Thermal Detection

The biggest selling point of the Swann 16 channel security system is the inclusion of advanced security features in the mixture. These features include night vision capabilities and thermal detection potential. The former allows you to monitor the perimeter with extreme clarity even in the dark. This means that it doesn’t matter if its day or night, these cameras have got your back.

Thermal detection is an even rarer feature, limited to some of the best models on the market, which Swann is. This allows the camera to detect any moving heat source, this source can be a person, animal, car, or similar object. However, the camera will not bug you with constant notifications and only alert you when something’s serious.


  • A system of 8 wireless cameras
  • The system can be used either as wired or wireless
  • Night vision and heat detection are available
  • Built-in motion detectors


  • The flawless 1080p HD 4K video resolution is very impressive
  • The unit provides an excessive storage space of 3000 GB
  • Eight cameras work in unison to provide the ultimate security surveillance
  • The cameras have built-in motion detection, thermal detection, and night vision capabilities


  • You will have to call a professional to set up the system,
  • This system is ideal for those who want to secure an expansive area, otherwise you will have little use for eight cameras

Verdict: Swann Security System may be pricy but the investment is worth it. You will get a system that offers top-notch security features that are reserved for only the best, such as night vision and thermal detection.

FAQ Section

Here are some frequently asked questions and their answers:

1.  How does a wireless camera receive its power?

Normally, these cameras operate on battery power. These batteries can be removed, recharged, and then placed back in. Alternatively, some models like the Arlo Pro 2, can be hooked up with a specially designed solar panel. However, most wireless models have the option to be powered with an AC outlet via a power cable.

2.  What is the transmission range of a wireless camera?

The range of wireless security cameras lies between 250 and 500 feet. However, this value is only true for an open field. In practice, the range may be somewhere around 300 feet, for high-end models, like those mentioned on the list.

3.  What factors affect the signal transmission of a wireless camera?

Obstructions like metallic objects (most blockage) and concrete walls, or competing frequencies can dampen the signal.

4.  Are wireless cameras safe from hackers?

Yes, they are, just don’t share your password with anyone and activate a two-factor verification option if your system offers one.

5.  What is the video FPS for a wireless camera?

Around 10 to 30 frames per second on average.


All of the products mentioned on the list above are excellent at what they are meant to do: to secure. They may operate in different ways or different capacities, but all of them are excellent for keeping your home and your family safe from any outside threat. These security systems are worth your investment, and though we cannot push one of them as the best, you can judge which one you should get based on your specific needs. In any case, you will end up with a product that seals away the danger from your residence.

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