Best Bifocal Safety Glasses

Best Bifocal Safety Glasses


Bifocal glasses have been around for ages until recently they have been classified into different genres of PPE eyewear. The safety Bifocal glasses are a hybrid between safety and prescription glasses. We have created this list of quality-tested products to guide you through your journey of choosing the best glasses for yourself.

There are several factors that you would need to consider if you are purchasing something like this. Glass structure, quality, bifocal magnification, and clarity of the lens are some of those factors. Anything wrong can result in optical issues with your eyes which can be downright dangerous.

In this article, we have made sure to choose only those glasses which we have tested ourselves. We cannot guarantee that these will give you a hundred percent satisfaction but we do aim to provide you with the privilege to choose between some of the best options available.

Best Bifocal Safety Glasses

5. SSP Eyewear Top Focal Tactical Safety Glasses

SSP Eyewear Top Focal Tactical Safety Glasses

When I see a good pair of glasses I know it. These glasses are specifically designed for professionals who teach shooting. This sport requires a lot of concentration and you need a close up view of the front side. With these bifocal glasses, you can be sure of the safety required by the sport and can also be used for other vocations as well as working as a mechanic, a welder or an electrician.

With SSP you can choose a wide range of magnification which ranges from 1 to 3 diopters. For me, 1.25 works the best. The most I can go with is 1.75 which is used sometimes when higher magnification is needed. Anything more than that causes distortion for me and causes dizziness which can be sometimes very inconvenient.

A good thing about these glasses is that the lenses have a special anti-fog coating. Typically glasses with these kinds of coating last 7 times longer than normal glasses. They are also known to protect your eyes from harmful UV rays.

The lenses are made of polycarbonate and the good thing about them is their design as the bifocal part is placed on top of the lenses. It gives you focused vision with considerably low diopter rates. You will be glad to know that they are also shatter-free and have optical decentralization for the correct image that prevents distortion.

I do however have some complaints regarding the bifocal view. They should increase their width a little more to cover the full FOV. This will provide a wider peripheral view and can be used conveniently while doing other tasks like reading books.


  • Specially designed for shooting
  • A wide range of lens power
  • Anti-fog coating
  • Magnifiers at the top of the lens
  • Premium quality glass


  • The bifocal window is recommended to be larger than 3.8 inches.
  • It is recommended to increase the width of the bifocal lens

Best for sports: These bifocal glasses are best for shooting and are primarily made for that purpose. The zoom-in vision handles all that you need to excel at shooting

4. Dewalt DPG59-215C Reinforcer Rx-Bifocal Protective Safety Glasses

Dewalt DPG59-215C Reinforcer Rx-Bifocal Protective Safety Glasses

Dewalt is one of the most reliable brands known for making premium quality safety glasses. These goggles are safety glasses as well as reading glasses in one package. The lens has a greyish smoky color which gives it a very premium look and that is the first thing I liked about it.

They have 3 magnifier options to choose from which are good for normal eyes. The material of these glasses is very sturdy and they can resist timely wear and tear as normal glasses do. Normal glasses tend to deform their shape with time if they are exposed to external elements like heat. These glasses also provide security to your eyes against UV rays because the lens has a non-transparent tint. These glasses also pass the ANSI and CZA requirements which is an indication of premium quality glasses.

The temples are made of rubber plastic and are very grippy. This not only provides a grip but also makes it more durable and comfortable. The rubber is flexible so it will not be prone to breaking easily while the rubber texture won’t cause any discomfort to your ears.


  • Best for reading and safety
  • Three strengths to choose from
  • UV protection
  • Impact-resistant
  • Meets the international standards of quality
  • Good rubber temples


  • The arms can scratch the lenses

A little too grippy: The rubber grips are good and strong but they are way too strong to make the temple arms scratch the glasses. I think it was a design flaw they failed to recognize.

3. MAGID Y50BKAFC20 Safety Glasses

MAGID Y50BKAFC20 Safety Glasses

These funky looking glasses are a great product from the highly known brand Magid. They are advertised as best for indoors as well as outdoors. The design is although made for those who usually work at high tech facilities like labs where safety is the priority. The sides are covered with plastic fins so there is no chance that anything is getting inside of that.

Considering the reviews from many customers, we can say that these glasses performed much better in labs as well as outside. Here is the crazy thing; the manufacturer has given you an option to buy a single pair, two pairs, six pairs, and up to 12 pairs at once at a very reasonable price all at once. Each of the glasses will come with a soft cloth case which means you will have 12 glasses with 12 cases with you. A great choice for collectors indeed.

They do have a retro-looking design but in the end, the overall design turned out to be very modern. It is not too projective with its colors as the frame is all black. Oh, and did I mention that the frame is nylon made? This makes it very lightweight and can be comfortably used by both men and women especially when you are working with something that requires attention to intricate and small details.

There is one thing you should know, however. The lenses are built into the glasses which means you cannot change them to other bifocal lenses. But you won’t ever have to as the lenses are high quality and are covered with a high-quality bifocal coating.

Besides that, it has a couple of other layers as well which prevents fog, and scratches on the lenses. These goggles can thus survive in very humid conditions while other glasses may grey out instantly.


  • Can be used both indoors and outdoors
  • Can buy a bulk of 12 pairs
  • High-quality nylon frame
  • Magnification integrated into the lenses
  • No fog no scratch design


  • The translucent lenses may work differently with different tints depending on the environment

Translucent lens: The glasses have a translucent lens which is great. They do come in different tints, however, the grey tint might not work that great indoors for this type of lens. Other than that, the lenses work amazingly

2. Honeywell Uvex 2.0 Bifocal Safety Reading Glasses

Honeywell Uvex 2.0 Bifocal Safety Reading Glasses

This one is my personal favorite primarily because of its wrap-around design. These glasses come from Honeywell Uvex which is currently a top seller with some best buy products. They provide a snug fit and high comfort to wear them on any occasion.

They have a crystal clear lens that is made of polycarbonate with a diopter of 2. This has a very good magnification level and does not cause any kind of distortion. This is because it is not pure glass. If you do however experience dizziness, stop using it immediately.

The translucent lenses can prevent UV rays from affecting your eyes. When you are outside, the intense sun rays can occasionally cause optical disturbances which these glasses are extremely good at preventing. Furthermore, these lenses are also scratch-resistant.

Now the part which I am a fan of. The design allows you to adjust the temple length for a custom fit which I like because I always have a problem with fitting. The temples are padded with rubber which makes them very comfortable and the additional cushion bar at the side will protect the entire eye.

As far as quality tests are concerned, they have turned out to be remarkably good. They have passed the ANSI and CSA tests and are therefore the standard PPE glasses.


  • Wrap around adjustable frame
  • Polycarbonate see-through lens
  • Protection from UV radiations
  • Scratch-free
  • Highly flexible and secure


  • The nose pieces’ tens to fall apart

Adjustable frame: The best thing about these glasses is its adjustable frame length with rubber padded temple. I found them extremely useful for people who have a problem with fitting.

1. Crews BKH20 BearKat Magnifier 2.0 Safety Glasses

Crews BKH20 BearKat Magnifier 2.0 Safety Glasses

This is a comparatively new brand and I decided to try them out and fortunately, I wasn’t disappointed. The Bearkat magnifier glasses have a wide range of magnifying rates. They go from 1 to 2.5 diopter. I found that the higher levels of magnification helped quite a lot in tasks where you have to pay attention to details like working on small electrical parts or blueprints.

They have nothing too much fancy going around which has proved to go in favor of these glasses. They have a one-piece wrap-around design that fits nicely on your face and does not cause any discomfort. It is especially useful for people who get distracted from the slightest irritation. This increases your concentration and you won’t want to move your eyes outside of focus.

They have a high-quality transparent lens that has a super high-quality scratch-resistant coating they call Duramass with another layer of UV layer filter that protects your eyes from UV rays from sunlight. The temples are so flexible that they are almost a custom fit and will fit without any problems on every type of face.

It is very annoying to adjust the glasses all the time while working and the anti-slip temple sleeve is a lifesaver. The sleeves won’t let them slip and will keep a snug fit allowing you to work without losing focus. You will be also glad to know that these glasses have passed all the quality certifications as well. For me, it is very satisfying when buying glasses knowing that they are qualified. It is always a nice thing to have certifications.


  • High magnification of 2.0 diopter best for close-up work
  • Wrap-around lens
  • One-piece design
  • Anti Scratch and non-polarized lens
  • Meet all quality standards


  • The magnification area is placed too low

Low Bifocal placement: This is a mistake that most of manufacturers ten to make without even realizing it. It is better to have them at the top rather than at the bottom. It does have a wide bifocal area, nonetheless, it should have been on the top.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1.   What are the most trusted bifocal safety glasses brands?

Well, there are thousands of them available PPE brands out there. These are the most trustworthy brands when It comes to reliability

  • Dewalt
  • Magsafe
  • UVEX

Their glasses will give you top-notch performance in every kind of environment.

2.  Can the lens be replaced?

Unlike the prescription bifocal glasses, we cannot replace the lenses on these glasses as the lens are built into the glasses lens.

3.  How to use them?

The trick is to use the correct tint at the correct place. The glasses with a darker tint are perfect for outside work while glasses with clear or no tint at all will perform best indoors

4.  Where can I get them?

You can practically get it from any optical shop, Amazon, any online depot, and your friendly neighborhood retailer as well.

5.  What is the warranty policy?

Most of these glasses should give a one-month warranty at the least. Many high-end brands offer up to one year of warranty as well.


The list has provided some of the best-known glasses from highly acclaimed brands. I personally prefer those glasses which have the bifocal part placed on the upper end, have a snug fit, and a diopter of 1.5. But if you are into close-up works, then I would suggest that you go with a higher magnification like the last one on this list. Otherwise, SSP is the best.

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