Installing Security Cameras Outside Your Home


Security should not be reserved for the elite minority but for all who wish to safeguard their families from the wanton elements of the environment. Fortunately, the democratization of security devices have made it possible to have equipment like security cameras installed in your home’s perimeter.

These cameras and security systems (as some of them are referred to) can make your dwelling safe from all outside threats. They don’t simply record crimes, but instead, some of them can stop a crook in their tracks. Many advanced security systems can be synced with other security protocols to make your home and family completely safe.

Our Picks for the Best Outdoor Security Cameras for your Home

Without any further delay, let’s explore our picks for the best security cameras you ought to install outside your home:

5. Swann 16 Channel Security System

Swann 16 Channel Security System

The Swann 16 channel security system is based on eight cameras that can be set at various points outside your home to cover every nook and corner. This means that no crook or burglar shall breach your home’s perimeter, knowing all too well that they will be spotted and apprehended. Each of these eight cameras can easily cover an expansive area of 150 to 200 feet, meaning that you can set them around far apart and not worry even if you live in a big sized home.

With this system, you can not only constantly record what goes around but also monitor thermal signatures for any suspicious activity. You may set up a hub or console inside and even hook up these cameras with your phone using the exclusive HomeSafe View application. All in all, these cameras offer maximum security, but they require a tedious setup process (hire an expert for that) to be hooked up.


  • 8 cameras
  • Can operate either wired or wireless
  • Night vision and thermal imaging enabled
  • Motion detectors built-in


  • The image quality is crystal clear; 4K resolution
  • 4000GB of hard drive space
  • It is a system of eight cameras
  • Motion detection, night vision, and thermal imaging enabled


  • The setup can be very complicated
  • You may not require so many cameras if your home is not that big

Advanced Security Features: The recordings are immaculately clear and can be viewed in a gorgeous screen resolution of 4K. However, the magic does not end with picture clarity, there is a long road ahead from this point. The cameras are equipped with modern sleuthing features like motion detection, thermal imaging, and night vision to ensure that you get hold of everything that goes around your place. Don’t worry about the videos taking too much storage space, with an ample 3 terabytes, that’s 2000GB mind you, of hard drive space, your recordings will remain safe.

Verdict: It may be pricey but if absolute security had a name, it would be Swann 16 channel security system.

4. Ring Video Doorbell 2


This is not an ordinary security camera but a very helpful security installation nonetheless. You may not want to open the door for some people, especially when you don’t know them. You may be a bit nervous when you’ve got no idea who’s knocking at the door and it would help a great deal if you could see them and talk to them before you open up. Or if something’s wrong, you’ll know better than to invite the person in, and instead seek help.

The Ring Video Doorbell 2 can be fit on to your door, after charging to full. When a person comes to your doorstep, the motion sensors will activate and the camera will alert you on your phone via the official Ring application. This way, not only will you see who’s at the door, but will be able to talk to them even if you’re not home. However, you need to sign up for a monthly paid subscription to save the video recordings on a dedicated cloud storage, nonetheless, the product is amazing.


  • Singe camera
  • Wireless mechanism
  • Night vision is not included (needs appropriate lighting)
  • Motion-activated


  • It alerts you on your phone even before the doorbell rings
  • You don’t have to be home to communicate with whoever’s at the door
  • Motion-activated camera saves power
  • Integrates with your phone


  • The setup can be tricky in some areas
  • A monthly subscription is required to save videos on a cloud storage

Motion Activated Wireless Camera & Doorbell: Just charge it up and install it on any suitable spot of your door’s frame. When some steps on your threshold, the motion sensors will activate the camera and let you see who’s there. There is a two-way communication channel with you and the person outside. Once you’ve ascertained that there’s nothing to worry about, you can open the door. Since the camera hooks up with your phone via an official app, so that you can see what’s happening even without being at home.

Verdict: This is the perfect solution for answering the door safely and ensuring that you don’t open up for someone hostile.

3. Arlo Pro 2

Arlo Pro 2

The Arlo Pro 2 is easily among the best wireless security camera systems available in the market. This system is based on six camera units spread across the outside of your home, covering every angle and revealing all that goes around. Since they are wireless, their batteries can be charged and replaced, however, you also have the option to connect them with a power outlet. IN either case, you end up with a decent security system to keep your home safe from all external threats.

These cameras spring to action when the motion sensors, built into their bodies, are triggered. This activates them and they scan the field at an angle of 130 degrees. This is done to ensure that no one and nothing encroaches on your property without you spotting them and then taking the necessary precautions. The mounts are tricky to get right, you should not attempt to set them up yourselves and instead hire professionals to do so perfectly.


  • 6 cameras
  • Wireless mechanism but can be connected with a power outlet too
  • Night vision is available but thermal imaging is not
  • Motion-activated


  • The cameras are wireless and hence can be laid out flexibly
  • Motion-activated cameras can instantly scan the perimeter for any threats
  • Can be operated on rechargeable batteries
  • Night vision is available


  • Setup is tricky and should be left to professionals
  • The smart home function is a bit tricky to follow through

Versatile Footage Storing Options: Storage for the recorded videos should not be a problem at all. This is because of two storage methods, each suitable for your needs. The cloud storage keeps hold of your video and audio recordings for the past week but for permanent storage, you can hook up a hard drive with the console or Arlo hub unit. These versatile storage options make the system perfect for keeping track of any potential security threats and hence prove useful in legal matters (like getting a restraining order).

Verdict: The Arlo Pro 2 offers a smart home security system without the clutter of wires.

2. Nest Cam


The Nest Cam is an ideal option for those people who are just getting into this security business. The setup is simple and does not require any professional help, given that you know a thing or two about DIY. This security camera can be operated without wires, although it is best to place it near an AC outlet. This may seem like a drag but it is better this way, you will not have to unmount the unit, recharge the battery, and then remount it time and again.

Overall, the Nest Cam does a pretty decent job of scanning the perimeter for any security threats and ensuring that your home remains safe from all external threats. The camera does not require any hub system, this can be both good and disastrous, depending on the situation. Since it streams live on your phone (instead of a hub), loss of internet connectivity can compromise your home’s security. However, ideally, this camera can do a pretty decent job of monitoring any suspicious movements.


  • 2 cameras
  • Wireless functionality, although it can also be connected with an AC supply
  • Night vision enabled, however, thermal imaging is not available
  • Motion sensors built-in


  • It offers a simple setup
  • Can be used on battery power or AC supply
  • Can scan a 130-degree plane
  • Offers continuous live streaming on your phone


  • The absence of a hub station can be problematic
  • Needs WiFi to work properly

24/7 Live Streaming Offered on Mobile App: Once the cameras are up and running, it will stream a live feed on your phone via an exclusive Nest mobile application. This allows you to monitor your home’s perimeters constantly, even when not inside your home, with your phone. You can also subscribe to the Nest Aware service for recording these clips.

Verdict: This is a suitable option for people seeking a simple security installation for their homes.

1. Blink XT


The Blink XT cameras are excellent for catching any suspicious activity. These cameras are the epitomes of subtlety, though they are not technically hidden cameras, but given their size, they can be hidden with ease. However, despite their small size, these cameras pack a strong punch. They are motion activated, meaning that they will spring to action when someone intrudes on your threshold.

These cameras can excellently scan a 110 degrees viewing frame and even operate in the dark with their night vision capabilities. The small size makes them ideal for covert surveillance, however, it also backfires on the picture quality. Since the cameras are small, the picture quality, especially the night vision, is not crystal clear. Other than this, the cameras are good at what they are meant for: surveillance.


  • 3 cameras, easy to hide due to small size
  • Wireless operation can be plugged in too
  • Night vision enabled, thermal imaging is lacking
  • Motion-activated


  • They can be hidden out of view to catch suspicious activity
  • Night vision allows for effective monitoring even in the dark
  • The cloud storage is free
  • Built-in motion sensors


  • Zooming the image is not allowed
  • Battery changes can be annoying

Free Cloud Storage: These cameras also offer the unique incentive of unlimited cloud storage.

Verdict: These cameras are another name for subtlety. They can be hidden in any corner with ease to monitor your home’s perimeter and keep it safe.

FAQ Section: Installing Security Cameras Outside Home

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions in this matter and their answers:

1.  How do wireless models receive power?

Through rechargeable or AA batteries.

2.  How does a wireless camera deliver its feed?

Either via a short-ranged (2.4GHz-5.8GHz) communication system or over the internet.

3.  How long can a wireless camera deliver its feed?

On average 600 to 700 feet but 2000 feet is maximum.

4.  What elements can disrupt the camera’s signal?

Brick and concrete walls, trees, metallic structures, and competing signals.

5.  How are signal strength and frame rate related?

Directly, the better the signal, the better the frame rate.

6.  Can competing signals disrupt my feed?

Yes. Opt for signal frequencies other than those being used nearby.

7.  Can wireless cameras be hacked into?

Yes, but you can safeguard it with a strong password.

8.  Where does the camera save the footage?

Either on a local storage asset, i.e. a hub or external hard drive, or on the cloud.


The products mentioned on the list have been selected after arduous comparing and reviewing. These are undoubtedly, some of the best of their kind, however, an element of personal preference is also involved when picking the best cameras. These models can serve you well, keeping you and your family safe. They are a worthwhile one-time investment that you ought to make for a safer home.

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