Best Baby Monitor for Multiple Rooms

Best Baby Monitor for Multiple Rooms


Do you need a handy device that can monitor your baby, especially if you have two at the same time? Well, we have just got the solution for you. We have compiled a list of the best baby monitors with two cameras which will help you in keeping an eye out for your baby no matter where you are.

These are video streaming devices that are very helpful for parents who cannot always stay by their babies. It is difficult to keep track of one baby and if you have two, you would be more concerned than ever. If you have a huge house, then you would surely need a device that can monitor your babies with multiple cameras.

This may all seem very good but how do you choose something like that? A lot of factors come into consideration. How affordable is it? What is the camera quality? How is the battery backup? How is the streaming speed? What kind of connectivity and additional features it has? These are some of the things you should know before buying a device. Luckily for you, we have chosen products for this list after carefully going through all these aspects and have only finalized those products which matched our criteria. So here are the best baby monitors.

Best Baby Monitor for Multiple Rooms

4. Moonybaby Split 50 Baby Monitor

Moonybaby Split 50 Baby Monitor

Moonbaby is around for quite some time now and has established its name in the industry. The split 50 baby monitor will keep a close watch on your baby when you are out and not able to attend to your child.  As a parent, you may already know that those babies are curious little creatures and like to wander around to explore your surroundings, and thus comes this handy device.

This device has two high definition cameras and can stream to the display using a split-screen mode where it can monitor two given places at once.

The good thing is that this device also has a night vision mode. So you can see your child even when asleep.

Another cool feature is the talkback feature that works in two ways and lets you play slow songs to your baby to give him a pleasant time. Furthermore, it also monitors the room temperature very accurately. It comes with a large screen that can display a high definition stream of your baby with two cameras. You can always use the split-screen mode but when you are using sweep mode, you can only use one camera at a time with the ability to switch the cameras.


  • Organize feed routine
  • Easy configuration
  • High-security features for monitoring your baby
  • Keep sleeping track
  • Check all activities with dual cameras


  • Issues with charger connection

Auto turn on: The cameras can also zoom in and out and a cool feature that I like is that the screen automatically turns on when it hears your baby crying.

3. Moonybaby Trust 30 Video

Moonybaby Trust 30 Video

This is an outstanding device for parents who are always busy. This little thing is your digital caretaker. There are quite a lot of things you can do with this baby monitor. You can hear your baby, talk back to him, and see wherever he is going. This is a very popular device nowadays in markets and is common in almost every household with infants. It comes with a portable LCD and you can take it anywhere with you and the quality justifies its affordable price.

It has two cameras that have a wide-angle view and a full HD zoom. Its special infrared technology enables you to view your baby at night apart from night mode. These two features when combined give you a sharp view even in the dark and keeps you aware of your baby all night.

It supports impedance of up to 2.4 GHz. This enables it to capture the slightest of the noise. No kind of wifi or wireless arrangement is required to make it work. It works on secure protocols and makes sure that the connection between the camera and device is secure. With the talkback feature, you can easily listen to your babies and talk to him.

It also comes with other handy features like automatic night vision activation based on the time of day, room temperature check, and alerts for room temperature when it gets out of the preferred range. It also has bedtime songs and musical rhymes that will help your baby to sleep.


  • Better privacy
  • Records videos
  • Automatic night vision


  • Limited by the range of connectivity

Expandability: One of the features that I particularly liked was the expandability of this camera. Apart from the two cameras, you can expand this device with up to four different cameras for extra coverage.

2. Moonybaby Trust 50-2

Moonybaby Trust 50-2

This is a high-quality gadget to be used by the guardians and parents who have to stay away from their babies. It has got some magnificent features that are very rare at this price. You can listen to the sound of your baby and can talk back to him whenever you need to. All you need to do is simply look at the feed and checkout on him!

If you want to connect it to your devices then you can do it with ease. It will easily attach to your laptop and pc and you can still see your child when you switch rooms. With two convenient modes, it allows you to scan and view the place from the cameras. You can also use the cameras independently when you need just one camera on the full screen.

During our review of this device, it showed excellent battery life so you won’t have to charge it again and again. Just charge it once and forget it for the night. If you set it to power saving mode it can last more than 7 hours. In audio activation mode, we found to work more than six hours with video on mode.

It has a compact screen that comes with it and you can easily pack it and take it anywhere you want. Owing to its portability, this device is very common in many homes. This important piece of equipment is a must-have if you are a parent who has infant babies to look after.

As for connectivity, it has a 2.4 GHz wifi connectivity which provides you with the ease of connection without any issues. Use the talkback feature without any hassle or latency and get a real-time feed of your infant any time you want with its wide-angle zooming cameras. The night vision is also pretty good on this thing and it will produce a vibrant picture even at times when there is no light.


  • Built-in night vision
  • Comes with many handy features
  • High-quality display


  • Size is a bit on the bulkier side

Awesome features: It comes with a handful of features as well as the automatic night vision, cradle songs, voice activation, and expandable cameras.

1. Babysense Video Baby Monitor 3.5

Babysense Video Baby Monitor 3.5

For something so light and small this sleek-looking device has turned out to be pretty well. It is manufactured by the HI sense which has been in this domain for quite a long time and has been making quality baby products. It caters to the aspirations of the consumers and the needs of the markets at the same time by maintaining the quality of their products at a very lower price.

The baby sense is a brand trusted by moms and they have made their presence worldwide by consistently manufacturing quality products. This product is no exception. Baby sense recognizes that your infant yearns for your voice which is soothing to his ears and you as a parent would want to hear your baby giggle and laugh too. Therefore, they have paid special attention to the quality of voice that gets transmitted during the feed.

The protocols use no loss technology which maintains the overall quality of feed from both directions. As a result, you get crystal clear voice quality which is loud and very audible. This is supported by other features like cradle songs and calm music with no background noise to let your baby rest and have careless sleep.

The dual cameras allow you to monitor two infants at once in the comfort of your room or wherever you are. The screen immediately goes to the split-screen mode when you switch on the dual cameras and you don’t have to maneuver through different settings. It saves you time, energy, and is very convenient to use.  It is also relatively comforting to use your voice to activate the device.

When your baby wants to sleep you can always turn on the relaxing sounds to help your baby fall asleep. Therefore, this is a perfect device to use for monitoring and taking care of your baby. The good thing about this device is that it has a high range. You can see the feed even if you are 900 feet.


  • Audio alerts
  • Auto activation on sound
  • 360-degree view
  • Supports panning


  • Very expensive

360 degree capturing: It captures the 360-degree view and supports manual panning as well with over 90-degree tilting.


1.  How do night vision cameras work? Could they be harmful to my baby?

The green-colored display of night vision makes us think that it is dangerous or somehow radioactive. But it is not. They are completely harmless and are safe to use around your babies. Light monitors are no different than sound devices that produce sound. The only difference between the sound devices and these are that they use light to transmit video signals.

The camera works just like another camera and doesn’t shoot your baby with laser beams or things like that. It only captures the light from the camera and processes it into perceivable images. Therefore, they don’t pose any kind of health risk to your baby.

2.  How do I know which type of monitor I should get for my baby?

As a parent, you need to determine what your baby needs. Every parent is different and so are babies. The choice will depend on your own decision. You need to ask the following questions before buying. Do you sleep in another room or in the same room as the baby? When you put down the bay to take a nap does your baby want you to be always by his side? Is your room far away from the room of the baby? If you worry about their safety, sleep, and comfort and you sleep in another room where sounds cannot reach you then you must buy one. If your room is far away then you may need a monitor with a sound alarm.

3.  Can video baby monitors be hacked?

Just as with all the devices that run on wifi technology, they are also prone to get hacked as well. The Wifi technology is susceptible to hacking and so are these cameras.

4.  Are any video baby monitors protected against hackers?

The good news is that newer generation cameras come with secure FHSS technology that keeps them protected from hackers and keeps your feed private. You should not worry too much about it. Furthermore, premium brands are using cloud technology to remove the possibility of hacking as much as possible.


This article has given you some options to choose from the best-known baby monitoring devices that you can currently buy in the market. We have made sure that we only chose the product which will cater to the needs of every parent as we know how important taking care of your children is to you. Even though you may be in another room, these devices will relieve you of the anxiety and give you the peace of mind. Check out the best prices right now.

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